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First to supply AUTO CLAVES in diameter upto 2.5 M and length upto 12 M in quick lock door closing arrangement, In Direct and Indirect heated version with cyclone fan for even tempretures.


Quick-Lock Type design, a special feature in Santosh Vulcanisers gives practically 100% safe doors, with special high temperature resistant lip-seals & side hinge opening type. These doors have fail-safe measure ensuring door opening only at safe pressure limits.
In these doors, possibility of door-failure due to non-even tightening of door that exists in case of swing-bolt type design is eliminated. It also saves cconsiderable time of closing/opening.

Santosh Vulcanisers are horizontal, circular vessels for curing of rubber articles. These are made in diameters ranging from 900mm to 2500mm and the length 1 meter to 12 meters depending upon the requirement of the users.

Pressure Rating : Santosh Vulcanisers are normally designed and built for a working steam pressure of 5 Kg/cm² and are tested hydraulically before despatch for a pressure of 7.5 Kg/cm²

Direct / Indirect Heating : For direct steam curing single wall vulcanisers are standard supply, however for indirect curing coil-in-chamber type Vulcanisers can be supplied with cyclonic-fan motor for even temp. in vessel.

Types of Door : Either swing-bolt type doors with mono-rail type retracting mechanism, sealed against leakage by asbestos ropes or quick-lock type design as shown in picture.

Temperature Indication & Recording : Instrumentation can be provided for indicating the temperature & also circular chart recorders with mechanical winding arrangement can be provided for recording the temperature.

Forced Air Circulations : For hot air curing, forced air circulation fans can be attached on rear side of the vessel to ensure even temperature at all points in the Vulcaniser. These fans are with special water cooled seals.

Standard Accessories :Standard Vulcanisers are supplied with blank flanges for steam, inside batch trolly, bridge-stand, safety valves, Guages etc.

Indirect steam heated type VulcaniserLab model VulcaniserRotary Autoclave for reclaim rubber
Diameters ( Inside clear in MM ) : 900, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1800, 2000, 2500
Length : 1 meters to 12 meters
Steam Working Pressure : 5Kg/cm2 ( higher pressures can be offered on request )
Hydraulic Test Pressure : 7.5 Kg/cm2

While ordering please give following details :

  1. Item to be cured.
  2. Inside shell diameter X straight Length.
  3. Whether direct steam heating or indirect steam (hot air curing)
  4. Max. steam working pressure.
  5. Does the process need very accurate temperature on entire length of Vulcaniser if Yes should we add forced air circulation system. (only available in Quick Lock door model)
  6. Door should swivel to right or left of Vulcaniser on opening.
  7. Any Temperature Indication/Temperature Recording instruments required.
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