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Rubber Manufacturing Machines

SANTOSH offer dispersions kneader for the mastication of rubber batches. Built with high precision, the machine delivers thoroughly dispersed compounds, with help of correctly angled blades offering best shearing action. A uniformly downward-acting , contoured , cooled pressure-lid, and jacketed-mixing area ensures even mixing.

The self-cleaning mixing chamber is duly polished and hard chrome plated, adding a best service life to the machine

With an adjustable tilting angle ( max. 140), equipped with a temp. Probe , and mixing timers, the machine is highly user friendly.

The electric panels supplied are thoroughly engineered, and are ergonomically designed.

Santosh offer machines in Front feed – Front discharge and Rear feed – Front discharge models. The latter offering a stream-lined operation.

Rear Feed – Front Discharge Model
75 litres dispension kneader
Charging window
Laboratory model MIX MASTER

Front view of machine

For “ line- Operation solutions” , Santosh ,  offers  a Rear Feed – Front Discharge machine coupled with a “ Skip conveyor”  and “ Two Roll Mixing Mill “

75 litres dispension kneader
Laboratory model MIX MASTER

Also, as added features, Santosh, offer Fully programmable Machine with Variable Speed Drive controlled via PLC ( Programme Control Logic) with set of Recallable Memory Recipe’s to ensure the repeatability of the Quality of masterbatch.